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Workflow is an application within FieldTwin that will be used for task management.

Tasks can be assigned to users within a project and can be assigned through the task dashboard. When a task is created the user who is assigned the task will receive both an email notification with a link to the task and an in-app notification visible on the top right of the FieldTwin Window.

In the dashboard view the user will be able to see the status of a task and can be sorted into columns based on this status. The task can hold additional information in the form of PDF’s or other document and image types. To jump to an asset relating to a task in the viewport, a button will be available to shortcut to the viewport location.

Once completed or re-assigned the task status can be set to finished.

Available Features

The following features are available in workflow:

  • Create and assign workflow tasks to project users
  • Task/Issue dashboard per project and per user
  • Inbox for tasks showing the current status of a task
  • Notification service will be available
  • Tasks can be sorted into columns depending on their status
  • Ability to add attachments to tasks, such as pdf’s or images.
  • Ability to add comments to tasks in the Viewport
  • Assets in the viewport can be linked to task/issues
  • Clicking on a task opens the task in the viewport
  • Clicking on the task in the dashboard will open at the correct location within a project where the task was assigned.
  • Can see if a task has been solved by following a link via a notification in a task.